Devising multimedia theatre with young performers: Documenting the Marinando Festival's XANDRU U X-XIXA (X&X)

Devising multimedia theatre with young performers: Documenting the Marinando Festival's XANDRU U X-XIXA (X&X)

The article documents the process of creating a mixed media dance theatre production in Malta which was presented at the Marinando Festival, in Italy.

This is a unique Mediterranean youth theatre and video festival based on the theme of the sea.

The festival is unique both for its educational objectives on the theme of the sea, fishing and nutrition, as well as artistic and professional development objectives for both actors and theatre makers.

Working collaboratively with theatre professionals, choreographers and media artists a group of young people, aged 11 to 16, devised a multimedia piece that helped them explore and experiment with stylistic modes.

The starting point was a newspaper article and music by a local composer who uses recovered local Maltese folk instruments weaving together indigenous and regional traditional strains with classical European influences and contemporary genres.

The article discusses ways of how the facilitation of the devising process was approached and the challenges met through this process.

The young actors/dancers were interviewed at intervals and asked to keep journals to capture the evolution of the piece through research, improvisation, photography, filming, dialogue and rehearsals.

The performance Xandru u X-Xixa (X&X) was the result of a process of collaboration between director, choreographer, young performers and media artists, a genuine melting of people and media, which made each component indispensable to the other.

University of Malta

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Devising multimedia theatre with young performers: Documenting the Marinando Festival’s XANDRU U X-XIXA (X&X)

[img src= Screen shot SUE LEFT_300dpi.jpg]1201 Screen shot SUE LEFT
1 Screen shot SUE LEFT
[img src= Screen shot Sue Right_300dpi.jpg]901b Screen shot Sue Right
1b Screen shot Sue Right
[img src= Simon Sailing away_300dpi.jpg]803 Simon Sailing away
3 Simon Sailing away
[img src= shot1 long shot bay_300dpi.jpg]504aScreen shot1 long shot bay
4aScreen shot1 long shot bay
[img src= shot2 Boys bay_300dpi.jpg]504bScreen shot2 Boys bay
4bScreen shot2 Boys bay
[img src= shot6 close up ind bay_300dpi.jpg]404cScreen shot6 close up ind bay
4cScreen shot6 close up ind bay
[img src= shot4 ind D_300dpi.jpg]304dScreen shot4 ind D
4dScreen shot4 ind D
[img src= shot5 boys help eo_300dpi.jpg]304eScreen shot5 boys help eo
4eScreen shot5 boys help eo
[img src= shot3 boys help 2_300dpi.jpg]204fScreen shot3 boys help 2
4fScreen shot3 boys help 2
[img src= Lamentation dance_300dpi.jpg]405 Lamentation dance
5 Lamentation dance
[img src= Screen shot7 at sea 7_300dpi.jpg]306a Screen shot7 at sea 7
6a Screen shot7 at sea 7
[img src= Screen shot8 at sea_300dpi.jpg]206b Screen shot8 at sea
6b Screen shot8 at sea